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Patrick Hochart

A student at the École Normale Supérieure in the 1960s, Patrick Hochart participated in the seminar where Louis Althusser first presented his analysis of the ‘discrepancies’ in Rousseau’s theory of the ‘Social Contract’ (published for the first time in volume eight of the Cahiers pour l’Analyse). In March 1967, Hochart presented an exposé on Rousseau’s theory of natural right in Derrida’s seminar at the ENS, a lesson which would serve as the basis for Hochart’s own contribution to this same issue of the Cahiers. Today Hochart is maître de conférences (Associate Professor) at the Université de Paris VII - Diderot, where he continues to specialize in Rousseau’s thought and where he also holds a position with the Institut de la pensée contemporaine. Throughout his career he has produced numerous articles, not only on Rousseau, but also on Diderot, Proust, and medieval literature. In 2008, he edited and re-published Althusser’s seminal essay in a new edition, and paired it with an essay of his own on the ‘troublant clarté’ (troubling clarity) of Althusser’s method and its impact on his generation of students.

In the Cahiers pour l’Analyse

Patrick Hochart, ‘Droit naturel et simulacre (L’Evidence du signe)’, CpA 8.3 [HTML] [PDF] [SYN]

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