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Concept and Form, volume I: Key Texts from the Cahiers pour l’Analyse

Peter Hallward and Knox Peden, eds. London: Verso 2012.

Peter Hallward, ‘Introduction: Subject and Structure’
1.Forewords for Cahiers volumes 1-9
2.Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘Action of the Structure’
3.Yves Duroux, ‘Psychology and Logic’
4.Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘Suture: Elements of the Logic of the Signifier’
5.Serge Leclaire, ‘The Analyst in his Place?’
6.Jean-Claude Milner, ‘The Point of the Signifier’
7.François Regnault, ‘Dialectic of Epistemologies’
8.Cercle d’Épistémologie, ‘Questions for Michel Foucault’
9.Alain Badiou, ‘Mark and Lack’
10.Alain Badiou, ‘Infinitesimal Subversion’
11.Alain Grosrichard, ‘An Eighteenth-Century Psychological Experiment’ (followed by Chevalier de Merian, ‘The History of Molyneux’s Problem’)
12.François Regnault, ‘The Thought of the Prince’

Concept and Form, volume II: The Cahiers pour l’Analyse and Contemporary French Thought

Peter Hallward and Knox Peden, eds. London: Verso 2012.

Knox Peden, ‘Introduction: The Fate of the Concept’
1.François Regnault, ‘Structure and Subject’
2.Patrice Maniglier, ‘Acting out the Structure: from Lévi-Strauss to the Cahiers pour l’Analyse
3.Edward Baring, ‘Derrida and the Cercle d’Épistémologie: How to be a Good Structuralist’
4.Knox Peden, ‘Disparate Measures: Foucault’s Plurality of Form’
5.Tracy McNulty, ‘Desuturing Desire: The Work of the Letter in the Miller-Leclaire Debate’
6.Adrian Johnston, ‘Affects Are Signifiers: The Infinite Judgment of Lacanian Ultrastructuralism’
7.Peter Hallward, ‘Structure and Subject in Badiou’s Early Work’
8.Slavoj Žižek, ‘”Suture”, Forty Years Later’
9.‘A Philosophical Conjuncture: An Interview with Etienne Balibar and Yves Duroux’
10.‘Strong Structuralism, Weak Subject: An Interview with Yves Duroux’
11.‘All of a Sudden, Psychoanalysis: An Interview with François Regnault’
12.‘The Chains of Reason: An Interview with Alain Grosrichard’
13.‘The Force of Minimalism: An Interview with Jean-Claude Milner’
14.‘To Get Rid of the Signified: An Interview with Jacques Bouveresse’
15.‘Only in the Form of Rupture: An Interview with Jacques Rancière’
16.‘Theory from Structure to Subject: An Interview with Alain Badiou’